Thursday, September 24, 2009

Catch The Vision

Created by Mike Weingarten
A popular tool in the business world is using what is called a vision board. The board shows all that the company wants to accomplish.

This month we want to encourage every one to create their own personal vision board!

Include these six areas;

Write down your goals and break them up into the following categorize;
daily, weekly, monthly, & long term.

Add your own graphics to make them your own!

Hang up your vision board some where you can look at it everyday, and take the first steps to becoming who you want to be.

Opening Social

Welcome Back Upward Bound!

Students traveled from Vernal, Roosevelt, Wasatch, Orem and Provo to meet at,
Utah Valley University for the first combined activity of the year!


T.V. Personality Big Buddha from Fox's morning news show came and spoke to the students.
He detailed his journey to obtain a four year degree and the struggles he encountered and overcame along the way.
Big Buddha also had each student write down their goals for the future and asked them to committed to achieving those goals.


Terry Martin-Presenting on this years goals and activities

Elizabeth Houschouer-Presenting on financial aid

Students also had the chance to attend workshop conducted by outreach adviser Terry Martin and Elizabeth Houschoeur, who work at Wasatch High and Union High schools respectively. Terry played get to know you games and explained what activities the students would be doing with their advisers through out the year. Elizabeth presented on how to apply for Federal Financial Aid.

Students pictured:
Students ate lunch at the Chinese gardens and students who attended the summer program were given their summer year books.